This is what we do:


Clean sink, clean mirrors, vanities top, clean inside vanities, clean light bulbs above mirrors, clean shower door, walls and tracks. Wash- tub, clean toilet in & out, clean windowsills, clean baseboards, vacuum floor, mop floor and remove cobwebs.-


Clean sink, clean counter top, clean cabinet doors, clean inside cabinets, microwave in & out, Clean stovetop, clean oven, vacuum floor, mop floor clean refrigerator outside, clean inside refrigerator, clean windowsills and Clean baseboards.

Other rooms:

Dust all furniture, clean all baseboards, clean TV screen, vacuum all hardwood floors, mop all hardwood floors, vacuum all carpet, remove cobwebs and Clean fingerprints on doors. Maximum Cleaning will provide all cleaning products, cleaning rags, vacuums and all other cleaning products needed to perform the job.