The (17) seventeen years of experience in house cleaning have taught us that just like every client is unique, every house is unique. The need to pay special attention to every home is important. We have tailor-made packages to fit your house and budget. We understand what our clients want in a cleaner and we pay attention to the details. I bet your idea of time well spent doesn’t include washing your floor, scrubbing your carpet, and dusting your seats. But guess what? That’s time well spent for Maximum Cleaning Services. Maximum Cleaning Services  does a lot of work  for our residents in Bernardsville, so you can then concentrate on other things that you think is fun. Maximum Cleaning Services goal is to offer affordable tailor-made janitorial services. We provide you with efficient cleaners who are briefed on the requirements and special instructions. For a personalized cleaning service, call our customer care desk at (908) 206.0223 and we will be glad to work with you.