Often, there is a trash disposal NY schedule for the area where you live. The time can either be before 4 PM or after 4 PM depending on where your address is. It always pays to know about the trash pickup NY schedule or else you will end up having too much junk piled up in your New York home. Of course, you don’t want that to happen.

For the usual trash disposal NY service, you also need to retrieve the recycling bins you placed for pick up. On a side note, there could be a change in the junk pick up NY schedule if there are holidays or a snowstorm. While the schedule is applicable for the usual trash disposal NY, you may need more help if you need to get rid of more items.

For New York homes that are looking to dispose of appliances and furniture, hiring a trash pick-up services NY may be the best option. New York junk haulers employed by companies providing trash pick-up services NY can help take the items you want to throw away out of your place. If you ever tried carrying furniture in a small apartment without an elevator or a home with stairs, you know how tricky the entire process can be.

Professional trash pick-up services NY personnel know the best techniques to take furniture or huge appliances out of your place. These New York junk haulers can also perform the process effectively and efficiently. Best of all, hiring companies providing trash pick-up services NY like Maximum Cleaning will help you get rid of junk in the shortest amount of time without spending too much money.

Do you need unwanted trash removed from your property? We are a fully licensed, reputable and experienced New York trash pickup company that offers a wide range of junk removal services. We offer these services to your residence or your business establishment.

Trash removal takes a lot of time and many people don’t have time to do this cumbersome and time-consuming task. That’s why we are here to handle all of the work allowing you to dedicate your time and concerns to other useful activities.

Since the start of Maximum Cleaning, we’ve continuously helped the entire community with trash pickup services. As technology continues to evolve, we’ve become one of the best New York junk removal and trash pickup companies.
We’re keen about environmental issues and therefore, use environmentally friendly techniques to ensure our operations cause minimal damage to the environment. Our New York staff is well-trained and qualified to deal with different kinds of trash. We arrange a convenient program with you that allows us to send our trash collectors, cleaners and movers to clear your home and business premises.

Should you wish to donate any items from trash pickup, we shall facilitate and remove the trash and donate it on your behalf. We donate to churches and various charity organizations in New York. Our past reviews are a testament of our professionalism and resolve to ensure our New York clients get nothing but the best trash pickup services. If you’re looking for the best dumpster alternative and junk removal services to remove your trash, look no further. Call us today for a free quote!
It doesn’t end there though! Maximum Cleaning offers many different services including estate clean out, furniture removal, rubbish removal, foreclosure clean out, junk removal, water damage restoration, bathroom/kitchen demolition and more! In case you’re in need of something else or you know someone that might be interested in any of those services, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.


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We provide these Services in New York

  • Junk removal, Rubbish Removal, Debris removal in New York.
  • All types of Garage Clean out in New York: Estate Clean out, Basement, Storage Unit Clean out, Attic Clean out and Yard Waste clean out.
  • House hold items in New York: Appliance Removal, Mattress Disposal, Sofa Removal, Washer & dryer removal
  • Helping  the environment in New York: Computer Recycling, Printer Recycling, Monitor Recycling,  Scrap Metal Recycling.
  • Bulky Items Removal Services in New York: Deck Removal, Shed Removal, Carpet Removal, Hot Tub Removal,  Fence Removal, Wall Removal, Above Ground Pools removal, Debris Removal.

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Why rent dumpers and load it yourself?

We do the work while you sit back and relax!

  • Looking to Dispose Bulky Items? We do all the work for you! Furniture removal, appliance removal, gym equipment removal, Boat Removal & more! Let us do all the heavy lifting for you, no need to dirty your hands, let the Rats do it for you.
  • Need Clutter & Hoarder Clean Up? Hoarding can be very dangerous to your health, mental state, and your home. Hoarding dangers can include: mold growth, bug infestations, structural damage, and tripping hazards. Hoarding has been known to also overwhelm the mind, cause stress, anxiety, and drain energy levels. We treat these cases with patience and organization. Let us help you. We bag and box accordingly all you pay is ONE flat rate! Just give us a call.
  • Inquiring about Estate Clean Out? Our crew will perform the work with respect in this difficult time. We donate up to 70%. We do not charge by the weight or by the hour, whatever time it takes to do the job, is on us. We understand this time is difficult enough for you, let us do ALL the hard work. Call a representative today 1-844-586-5728
1-844-JUNK-RAT Junk removal
  • We do all the labor! We bag, box, carry and lift all unwanted items.
  • Don’t have much junk to dispose? NO problem! You only pay for the occupied space on the truck.
  • Hauling and dumping fees also included in our flat fee.
  • No hidden fees, It is Just a flat rate!!!

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