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How to Choose Reliable Commercial Cleaning Services

Finding a reliable commercial cleaning services can be both tricky and time consuming. There is a massive number of companies operating in the industry. This ranges from local businesses to franchised cleaning firms. It pays to identify which providers deliver good quality service to prevent any disastrous results.

1. Know if they get house cleaners insured.

The best way to do this is to ask for proof of insurance from the company you’re considering. If you’re speaking to them via phone or online, you can request for a fax or scanned copy of their insurance certificate.

The Certificate of Liability Insurance will indicate you as the holder of the insurance certificate. It also states the insurance company, the insurance broker’s name, and insured cleaning company’s name. Once you get the details, you can contact their representatives to know whether the service provider’s insurance policy is valid or not.

2. Check if the company does employee background checking.

It always pays to protect office security, especially if this is your first time to get commercial cleaning services NJ. Don’t choose a company that doesn’t check their crews for criminal background and drug use. A company that has this policy is guaranteed serious about protecting you and your property.

3. Ask about payment policies.

Inquire about the cleaning company’s accepted payment methods. Also ask if they offer guarantees and cancellation policies.

4. Ask about cleaning supplies.

Before getting commercial cleaning services, ask if they furnish cleaning supplies. If not, you can agree on buying some before the cleaning starts.

5. Verify their reputation online.

Most cleaning companies today publish their services in a website or directory submission platforms. Here, you can get customer feedback and see if they’re worth the expense.

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