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How to Prepare for Removal Company Visits

A furniture removal NJ company is your ally when you want efficient and smooth removal. While not really required, there are ways to make their jobs easier upon arriving at your doorstep. By practicing our tips below, you can save time and be positive that the job gets done well.

Preparation Tips Before Your Furniture Removal NJ

  • Check the cabinets for any leftovers. Sometimes, people get so excited to have the furniture removed without checking if there are items left inside. To avoid your items being tossed in the dump truck, double check your cabinets or drawers before removal crews arrive.
  • Prepare all the furniture pieces for removal. Some pieces can be disassembled so they take up less space in the truck. Find out which pieces can be taken to pieces so you can save time and money from removal fees.
  • Book your removal in advance. Especially if you’re a busy person, it’s recommended that you book a removal service ahead of time. This ensures that they will be ready at the date you need them. Ideally, a removal should be booked a few weeks before your desired date. If you’re planning on a removal that’s close to the holiday season, try to book at least a month ahead.
  • Be clear with instructions. Only you, the owner, knows the exact details about your furniture. Be clear about which pieces you want hauled. Be straightforward when giving out instructions to your removal crews so they can do their job more efficiently.

We Take Away Furniture with Care

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