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I Bought This Floor Cleaner, Now Why Is This Happening To My Floor?

I Bought This Floor Cleaner, Now Why Is This Happening To My Floor?


Hey, don’t buy that floor cleaner because the labels says “it will make your floor shiny and clean” without doing this thing first, ok. Because not all floor cleaners are compatible to all floors. So how do you know which floor cleaner to buy for your floor?

Check the material of the floor. Manufacturers nowadays do have the technology to make vinyl floors look like real wood. They also can make the ceramic tiles look like real granite. However, maintenance of these floors differs from each other. Here’s what you should check about your floor before you buy any type of cleaning agent.

Is it real wood? Or is it just vinyl?

Is the floor made of separate pieces? Does it have defined edge?

Try to cut in an inconspicuous area and see if it’s real wood or if a little plastic showed? If your answers are mostly no, well, it is wood.

type of floor wood

HOW TO CLEAN: All it takes to clean wooden floors is dry vacuuming or just sweeping the floor. Take note that as much as possible, water based cleaner should be avoided as this might damage the floor, water might penetrate inside and can leave white marks.

Is it real granite? Or is it just ceramic tiles?

Real stones like granite are cold to the touch. It also make a ping sound when dropping a coin on it. You could also test it by placing a small amount of vinegar on the surface. If it created a fizz, chance is, it is real.

type of floor granite

HOW TO CLEAN: Granite is composed of quarts, feldspar, and silicates. Daily maintenance just needs damp mopping or Neutral Cleaner. However, for shineness restoration, you have to look for a cream that is specifically for granite with the use of low speed polisher. Simple wax can just make the floor slippery and unsafe.


Usually these vinyl wood flooring or ceramic type of floors are very easy to maintain. All you have to do is damp mop it using plain water or use Neutral Cleaner if it has hard to remove dirt. No fancy cleaner needed. For matte finish flooring, you can simply put Floor Sealant and Finish.

type of floor wood 2

type of floor vinyl

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