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The Best Way to Clean Cat Pee at Home

Almost every cat owner has to deal with cat pee every now and then. Animal pee, such as those that come from a cat, can leave your furniture with stubborn and smelly stain. If your feline is not potty trained yet, no need to worry because there are ways to deal with this, aside from hiring reliable home cleaning services NJ. With these easy-to-follow cleaning hacks, you can minimize, if not eliminate damage to the affected area.

  1.    Act immediately. If you can act on the pee right away, do so by all means. Blot up as may pee as you can. If you’re able to do this, you’re halfway done.
  1.    Pour cold water. If the pee has dried simply pour cold water onto the area and then pat with a towel to dry. Doing this will suck up all the pee, along with the ammonia-like smell that comes with it.
  1.    Never use ammonia-based cleaners. As we’ve mentioned, cat pee resembles the smell of ammonia. Hence, its smell can encourage your pet to pee on the area again. That said, it’s important that you eliminate the stain and smell simultaneously.
  1.    Use vinegar to bust bacteria. The great thing about the fermented smell of vinegar is that is masks the smell of cat pee quite well. When this happens, your cat will be discouraged to return and pee again to the area. Another advantage of vinegar is that its smell is more tolerable to humans than ammonia. And the sour smell fades easily.
  1.    Sprinkle the area with baking soda. This common baking ingredient can do wonders, even on cat pee. Baking soda does this by converting pee’s acidic pH to alkaline pH. The latter doesn’t smell, unlike the former. Apply baking soda when the area is dry. If the powder turns yellow, it means that urine stain has been picked up. After a few minutes, remove the powder using vacuum cleaner and repeat as necessary.

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