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The Nastiest Places We Often Neglect to Clean at Home

So, it’s time for a general house cleaning. Are you sure you’re cleaning all areas thoroughly? Aside from getting service from cleaning companies NJ, you can achieve a squeaky clean home by making a thorough check. Let’s take a quick moment to learn the filthiest places at home. You may have forgotten to clean them in a long while.

  • Under the range hood – This place hold unpleasant amount of grease that most people leave up to cleaning companies NJ. Grease may be tough but it’s actually easy to get rid of. Simply pop the filter out, mix hot water with baking soda and dish soap, and let the mixture do its work. After 10 minutes and a little scrub, your filter will be good as new.
  • Laundry machine – If you are not a bleach user, your washing machine can hoard a lot of debris. To clean, set the washer to a warm cycle and add 5 cups of white vinegar. This method should be done every 6 months.
  • Fridge- and cabinet-tops – We often neglect these areas, especially if they are beyond eye level. But, we should definitely go up there more. These areas are perfect hiding places for dust bunnies.
  • Exercise mat – Sweat, dirt, foot fungus, bacteria – name it, an exercise mat has it. The good news is, you can eliminate the filth easily. Hose it down with some water and detergent to clean. Alternatively, you can combine water and tea tree oil and use it as your mat’s disinfectant spray.
  • Garbage bins – We know that it’s dirty because of trash, but we don’t really clean them regularly. The best way to clean trash bins? Wash with water and bleach. Or if they are too big or nasty, get expert from cleaning companies NJ to do the job for you.
  • Shower rod and curtain – These can be a breeding ground for molds and bacteria due to frequent moisture they get in the bathroom. If it can’t be washed, replace your shower curtain once dirty. Don’t forget to give your shower rod a good wipe, too.

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