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11 Steps on How To Keep Your Washroom Clean

If you want to create a great impression with your guests, washrooms should be your topmost priority in cleaning the house or establishment. But mind you, it is not an easy task. Here’s a simple procedure which you can follow to build that exquisite mark.

clean your washroom

How To Clean Your Washroom

  1. Prepare all the equipment and supplies needed like cleaning brushes, microfiber cleaning cloths, toilet swabs, and cleaning agents.
  2. Leave the door open while cleaning. Fumes may be created when a toilet bowl cleaner is used. Remember that the more stained your washroom is, the greater fume your cleaning agent might generate.
  3. Place a Wet Floor Sign for safety reasons. Someone might pass and has not realized that the floor is drenched.
  4. Pick up all litter starting from the trash bags up to the shampoo packets that you can see around the area.
  5. Sweep the floor and remove all the dusts using broom or a dust mop. Use putty knife when there is a sticky substance that was left by someone like gum.
  6. Empty all wastes and replace liners after cleaning the trash can. Germs might thrive on the cans especially if there is moisture present. This can also create unlikable odor if taken for granted.
  7. Wear Safety gears especially the rubber gloves. At least you’re protected when your cleaning agent spill out. You don’t want your hands to get itchy, right?
  8. Prepare cleaners like All Purpose Cleaner for damp mopping of floors, walls, mirrors, and exterior of toilet bowl.
  9. Soak interior of toilet bowl and urinal with Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Let the chemicals work before you scrub. Then Flush! Keep in mind that the glaze of the toilet bowls or urinals must remain shiny. Once the glaze is removed, stains will penetrate and can create forever damage and stain.
  10. Damp mop the floor with a disinfectant to remove unpleasant odors that might be present on the floor, on the sides of the toilet bowl. Also, please do include the drain. This can also leave spiteful smell if germs will proliferate on it.
  11. Repeat everyday and make proper cleaning a habit.

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