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Maintain your Washers in the Most Efficient Ways

Laundry washer is a good investment in a household. Having your own means you don’t have to queue on long lines and wait for your turn to do your laundry. It means that you don’t have to wait for the laundry shop to open and can do it at your most convenient time while doing other chores in the house. There are just basic tips that you need to remember in maintaining the washer in its most efficient form.

how to clean laundry washer maximum cleaning

How to do maintenance to your laundry washer


  1. Clean lint traps.
    Lint is fiber that was separated from your shirt or jeans while washing it. If accumulated, this can create hazard and is very favorable to create fire. Use washing machine lint traps to minimize the lints.
  2. Clear drains.
    Check the drains of the washer. There might be hairs or coins left and can create damage to the machine.
  3. Clear Air Vents.
    Air vents will depend on your plumber if an installation is needed. However, this will aid in effective draining system of your washer.
  4. Check supply levels and lines to ensure that it runs smoothly.
    There are powdered detergents that do not dilute thoroughly with water. If you will just place detergents whenever you use your washer, undiluted powder might mount up, thus specific concentration or level of detergency was not achieved. This might leave your linens with stains and a rewash will be needed.


  1. Wipe outside of machine.
    Moisture if left might be the reason why your machine will get rusts. Be sure that after usage, you wipe your machine dry.
  2. Wipe spills.
    Make sure that spills of detergent or softener are removed to ensure safety of next user and other people in the house. If tiny spillages are left on the floor, these will leave your floors slippery.
  3. And of course mop the floor and ensure that you leave the area dry.


  1. Treat chemicals with care.
    Effective detergents on you linens need to be high in alkaline. High alkaline chemicals should be treated with care since this are slightly corrosive and can create allergies on your hands.
  2. Follow instructions and watch out for hazard warning labels.
  3. Store chemicals safely.
    Make sure that they are secure and away from your kids.

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