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The 3 Big Concepts on Cleaning

Have you ever wondered why your toilet bowl looks clean but there is a foul smell domineering on your washroom? Have you observed that the sink you used for cleaning your fresh-from-the-market fish still has the same fishy smell three days ago even if you made sure that you left it spotless and tidy? Then, you need to remember these THREE BIG POINTS on cleaning.

The 3 Big Cleaning Concepts


3 big concepts on cleaningWhether it be washing the dishes or mopping the floor, it still has the same concept. You have to WASH! Washing includes using the right kind and amount of detergent depending on what type of surface you are cleaning. Make sure that you did not left any traces of starch or protein that might be the source of food of microorganisms and can lead to contamination. Some people will try to disguise the smell using an air freshener. However, you are just masking the real problem and might get worse if not corrected.


3 big concepts on cleaning dishesRinsing is splashing or wiping water on the surface or area. Be sure that residues of detergent were removed. Non-removal will leave white marks. Try to observe the glass panel on your shower room while having your shampoo or bubble bath. Then, let it dry. See the white marks? It does not really cause pungent smell but it can leave your shower room dirty. This is also hard to eliminate if taken for granted on long periods.



To sanitize is making sure that the surface is free from dirt and hygienic meaning that it is free from contaminants like bacteria, fungi, or even virus. There are 3 types of sanitizers. One is Iodine based which are common on sanitation of cuts and burns of our kids. The second is Quaternary based which are common on food service industries. And third is the Chlorine based which are common sanitizers on pools and even clothes. Whichever type you are using make sure that a right dosage is established. Under dosage will mean that any contaminants present might not be killed due to inefficiency of the sanitizer used. Over dosage can also harm the surface especially when you are talking of chlorine based sanitizers. It can also irritate the skin.

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