How can I find a good maid service?

one-time-cleaning-maximumcleaning-njAt Maximum Cleaning Service we are proud to provide top-tier maid services on a schedule that works for you. As part of our maid services, we will clean your home, carry out trash, dispose with recycling, tidy your things, provide organization to kitchens, playroom, and bedrooms, and more. We’ll clean bathrooms, make beds, dust, mop, sweep, and sanitize your entire home. We use a proven cleaning system that ensures you’ll always return to a clean, spotless house. Whether you need our maid services one time a week, twice a month, or once a month, we’ll come whenever it’s best for you.




Are you in need of five-star house cleaning services?

house-cleaning-service-NJ-maximum-cleaningWe understand that life can get so overwhelming and busy that you may not have time to worry about house cleaning. That’s why we’re here. We provide top-tier house cleaning services to all residential areas and all sizes of homes and estates. We have over twenty years of experience providing house cleaning services and, with our proven cleaning method, we will leave your home sparling clean every time. We will dispose of trash, remove recycling, deep clean, sweep, mop, clean the kitchen, bathroom, playroom, basement, and more. We’ll get your house looking great in no time.





office-clenaing-NJ-maximum-cleaningAt Maximum Cleaning Services, we understand how busy office employees get during the workday. Sometimes, even cleaning out the trash underneath their desk gets to be too much to remember. We also understand how important a clean work environment is for your employees to maintain concentration and maximum productivity. These are just a few of the reasons why we provide office cleaning services.
When you hire us to provide office cleaning services, we’ll do it all from mopping and sweeping to maintaining waxed floors, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning kitchens and offices, and ensuring the break room and customer areas are in perfect shape.




janitorial-services-maximumcleaning-njWhen you run a business, janitorial services are incredibly important to maintain a clean environment, keep customers coming back, and keep your establishment receiving five-star reviews. Whether you’re a school, a religious institution, a business, or you own an apartment complex, you know how important it is to keep a sparkling clean facility. That’s why we at Maximum Cleaning Service offer janitorial services.
When you hire us to provide janitorial services you can rest assured of a spotless environment. We will sweep, mop, clean, empty trash, disinfect surfaces, maintain wax floors, and more. If you need janitorial services, we can handle the job.




residential-cleaning-maximumcleaning-njAt Maximum Cleaning Service, we provide five-star residential cleaning services. We understand how overwhelming life can be and that’s why we offer services like daily, weekly, monthly, one-time, and customized scheduling for residential cleaning services.
When we provide residential cleaning services, we can completely clean out a residence when you’re moving out or in, or from a renovation project. There are many reasons why homeowners might need residential cleaning services, and we’re happy to provide cleaning for them all.
We will deep clean, remove trash, disinfect surfaces, remove recycling, clean bathrooms, kitchens, dining areas, and any other place that you want us to take care of.




appartment-cleaning-maximumcleaning-njIf you live in an apartment, own an apartment complex, or you’re getting ready to move into an apartment, you should probably think about apartment cleaning services. At Maximum Cleaning Services, we have over twenty years of experience providing apartment cleaning services to renters and owners.
When you hire us to provide apartment cleaning services, we will come to your location with all the supplies needed to do everything from deep cleaning to surface cleaning and trash removal. We will sweep, mop, clean kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms, and ensure each unit is spotless from the front door to the back room.




Are you getting ready to move into a new home, apartment, condo, or other living situation?

move-in-cleaning-maximumcleaning-njIf so, call Maximum Cleaning Services to provide move in cleaning services. Whether you’re moving into a foreclosed home where the former owners left their possessions behind, or you’re moving into a cleaned-out unit, we provide move in cleaning for all levels of cleaning required.
We will remove trash, deep clean carpets, mop, sweep, scrub counters, deep clean bathrooms, disinfect kitchens, clean bedrooms, and more. We won’t leave any area unturned so when you move in, you can be sure it’s clean.




move-out-cleaning-maximumcleaning-njIf you’re getting ready to move out of your home, apartment, or condo, you know how important it is to leave a clean home behind. That’s why, at Maximum Cleaning Service, we provide five-star move out cleaning services.
When we come to your location for move out cleaning services, we’ll remove trash, take away recycling, scrub bathrooms, clean kitchens, vacuum, sweep, wipe down walls, counters, and glass surfaces, and do everything necessary to leave a home that looks spotless and clean. Don’t stress out – leave the heavy duty cleaning to us and leave a clean home behind thanks to our move out services.




spring-cleaning-maximumcleaning-njAs the weather warms up, we all think about one thing – spring cleaning. But life is busy enough without the added extra chore of cleaning our homes from stem to stern. That is why Maximum Cleaning Service offers spring cleaning services.
When we come to your location to provide our five-star spring cleaning services, we’ll bring every supply needed to ensure you have a perfectly clean home. We’ll scrub bathrooms, clean kitchens, vacuum, sweep, mop, and wipe down glass surfaces. We’ll clean behind microwaves and in the stove. We will ensure you have a spotless home by the time we leave.




Do you own a business that is thriving but you’re constantly wondering how to stay on top of cleaning duties?

business-cleaning-maximumcleaning-nj1Maybe you’ve hired a company before and they didn’t do a good job. Well, at Maximum Cleaning Service, we’re proud to say we have over twenty years of providing five-star business cleaning services and hundreds of happy customers.
When we come to your location to provide business cleaning services, we will arrange a time and a plan that works for you. We’ll bring every supply needed and we’ll clean offices, breakrooms, customer areas, boardrooms, meeting rooms, bathrooms, and every other location in your business from front to back.




commercial-cleaning-company-maximumcleaning-new-jerseyWhether you run an auto mall, a warehouse, or a shop floor, you know how important it is to keep the environment clean. That’s why we at Maximum Cleaning Service offer commercial cleaning services. No matter how large or small your location, we have the crew to provide the services you need.
We will come to your location and keep it perfectly clean. We’ll remove trash, dust, wipe down glass surfaces, remove recycling, maintain wax flooring, and clean counters and surfaces. We’ll also sweep, mop, clean bathrooms, maintain client and customer areas, ensure breakrooms stay clean, and will help make sure your business is sparkling from dawn to dusk.